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At BKeeper it is important to protect and equip the talents of tomorrow.

The Mandala junior goalie glove is designed for children. It will appeal to you for:

    • its hybrid cup,which offers a larger contact area when taking the ball
    • hiscontact foamfor exceptional grip
    • its elastic strap, which allows for adjustment for better comfort

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The advantages of the MANDALA glove


The latest generation of German Black Contact foam: 4mm of absorbent foam.
✓ Resistant on all surfaces.
✓ Exceptional Grip
✓ Very good cushioning of the ball


The MANDALA glove features neoprene and a double elastic bandage.
✓ Better feel in the gloves
✓ Wrist support


Hybrid cut
✓ Larger Grip area
✓ Increased strength in the finger area

gant gardien enfant mandala bkeeper

Why choose BKeeper

The price

A top of the line glove at the best price for everyone.
2 to 3 times cheaper than the competition with the same materials and quality requirements.

The Quality

Only top quality gloves with the latest generation of materials.
BKeeper does not blush when compared to Nike or Adidas...

Free delivery in France

No minimum purchase in France.
Shipping within 24h.

French brand

Our premises are located in France and we guarantee a fast delivery time (48/72h).
A team of professional and amateur guards to advise you.

Details of the glove for children

Child's glove body

The body of our kids gloves is made with a neoprene base, young guards appreciate this material. First of all, this one allows you to have a flexible kid’s glove and feel safe.

Then, the synthetic latex area allows you a better return to the fists, boxing the balls away from your goal. To conclude, this glove is very strong to gain durability and efficiency.

Our dearest wish is that all young amateur wicketkeepers can enjoy extreme comfort and that you can play in the best conditions.

Corps du gants de gardien mandala
Mousse gants de gardien juniors bkeeper

Child glove foam

The foam in our junior goalie glove, comes from German supplier Latico. It’s the best in the business! There are several types of foam, here they are in order from least to best: Soft, SuperSoft, Giga Grip and Contact.

We opted for the contact foam for our Mandala junior glove.  Thanks to this quality, our kid’s glove is less messy. This significant advantage allows you to play several matches in a row without getting your gloves dirty. (Grass field, synthetic field or in the rain). To conclude, quality is an essential criterion when choosing our foam, it combines resistance and grip quality on all fields.

Mousse gants de gardien juniors bkeeper

Junior glove bandage

At this age, young goalies are learning. It is very important to have a bandage that allows you to be tight and hold your wrist.

The problem, is that not all young goalkeepers have the same wrists, to solve this problem, we opted for a kid’s goalkeeper glove with a double elastic bandage that allows it to fit goalkeepers and be better adjusted.  In addition, it is composed of a double velcro for a better tightening.

To conclude, a young goalkeeper who feels tight in the wrist allows him to be confident in his goal, avoid injuries and be efficient.

Bandage de gardien de but enfants bkeeper
coupe du gants de gardien junior hive roc

Cup of the glove for junior

There are several cuts of soccer gloves (Negative Cut, Rollfinger Seam, Flat Palm and the Hybrid Cut).

One of the current trends in soccer guards is the hybrid. This one allows you to have a soccer glove with a larger contact area and have an incredible feeling with the ball when you take the ball. This hybrid cut is more resistant to abrasive terrain and allows for better longevity of your pair of gloves. A cut loved by professional goalkeepers!

coupe du gants de gardien junior hive roc

To conclude on the junior gloves

Check out the Hive ROC for juniors in all black or browse the entire kids collection here.

Your ideas within our goaltending community have been heard

The glove is a useful and very important accessory to be effective in the goals. But several criteria can slow down this purchase as the price. We have done what is necessary to answer them. More than 4,000 goalkeepers gave us their opinions on our community for designing the perfect glove.

Junior goalkeepers love to play with the same goalkeeper gloves as professional goalkeepers, equip yourself like a professional goalkeeper for under £40! Amazing junior goalie gloves!

Weight 0.35 kg

4, 5, 6


Coupe hybride

Type Of Land

Herbe, Synthétique


Contact Black



Removable Bars


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