Goalkeeper Gloves – HIVE AQUA 2020

This Hive AQUA goalkeeper glove is designed with the best aqua foam on the market. It has an extraordinary resistance and efficiency in rainy conditions. The Hive AQUA is a glove very close to the hand with an elastic bandage that fits all wrists.

Its strong points :

  • resistant
  • exceptional grip
  • optimal comfort



Thanks to your return to our group of goalkeepers.

Clothes doesn’t make the man, but it contributes to it. Playing with a glove that suits you allows you to play better games and feel confident. But obviously, finding your glove is very complicated, but we have taken this problem into account and have responded to your request. You were more than 3,000 goalkeepers to give us your opinions on our community for the design of the ideal glove.


Our glove body is mainly made of natural latex. This material allows to combine protection with its significant thickness and comfort on the fingers for boxing balls.

You will be able to defend in peace and be the master on your line.

The flexibility of a glove is an essential advantage for your comfort. Feeling comfortable in your glove is no longer a wish but a reality.



Hive Aqua offers you a glove adapted to all terrains, whatever the weather conditions, thanks to Aqua foam. Adapted to resist and allow you to play in good conditions despite rainy weather, this contact foam offers you the best grip. A better grip and greater resistance are guaranteed.


The bandage that ensures the best fit of your glove and gives you better wrist support is the double-turn elastic bandage. You will gain in simplicity and your ball catches will be perfect.


There are many glove cuts such as the negative, the flat palm or the rolfinger. We have opted for a hybrid cut, which is more trendy. We offer you a glove that guarantees better comfort thanks to an anti-slip gel and more elasticity thanks to a lycra cut at the joint between the thumb and index finger.

Weight 0.35 kg

7, 8, 9, 10, 11


Hybrid cut

Type Of Land



Contact Aqua



Anti Slip Gel


Removable Bars




BKeeper size chart

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