Who are the best Ligue 1 goalkeepers in 2023?

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The French championship has many very talented goalkeepers, prized by all the major European clubs. In Ligue 1, there are 20 starting goalkeepers and dozens of substitutes, but only a few stand out and are among the best goalkeepers in EuropeWe are going to present to you the goalkeepers who are for us the best in the French championship.

Top 5 Ligue 1 goalkeepers

Many goalkeepers walk the lawns of the various stadiums in France every week, but also in Europe for the Champions League or the Europa League. We have selected 5 goalkeepers who, in our opinion, are the best in Ligue 1 in terms of statistics, track record but also technical qualities.

Gianluigi Donnarumma - PSG

He is certainly the most famous goalkeeper in Ligue 1. Gianluigi Donnarumma is the goalkeeper of the best team in the championship, Paris-Saint-Germain. Revealed during Euro 2020, the Italian goalkeeper has confirmed his superstar status since signing for PSG. In his first season (2021/2022), he only played one out of two matches because of his competition with Keylor Navas.

This season, he is named indisputable holder by the new coach Christophe Galtier. Currently first in the standings, PSG can count on their goalkeeper. As of mid-season, he has only conceded 14 goals in 19 games, and has the second-best goal conceded ratio per game behind the Lens goalkeeper.

In 19 league games, he has 10 clean sheets and has the best clean sheet percentage with 52.6%.

In itself, Gigi Donnarumma is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 currently. He won the trophy for best goalkeeper in the championship last year and should, if PSG finish first, win this trophy again.

Brice Samba - RC Lens

RC Lens is clearly the surprise of this season in Ligue 1. 7th last year, the Lensois are currently 2nd and compete with PSG, which is only 3 points ahead at mid-season. RC Lens is in a good position to compete in the Champions League next year, and will certainly be able to count on its goalkeeper.

After a 3-year stint in the Premier League, Brice Samba arrives in Lens at the start of the season. He was immediately promoted to goalkeeper. The Franco-Congolese goalkeeper continues to perform well and allows his team to become more competitive. Thanks to his athletic qualities and his reflexes, they saved the Lensois many times from devastating goals.

They have the best ratio in Ligue 1 in terms of goals conceded per game with only 13 goals conceded in 19 games played, for a ratio of 0.68 goals per game. Brice Samba is the second best goalkeeper in the league in terms of clean sheets. He indeed achieves 9 clean sheets in 19 games, for a ratio of 47.6% of games without conceding a single goal.

At 27, the future of the Franco-Congolese goalkeeper looks bright, whether in Ligue 1 or in other championships.

Pau López

Goalkeeper for OM for two years, Pau López is a good goalkeeper, who has allowed Marseille to return to the Champions League this year. In Ligue 1, he is one of the most consistent goalkeepers. At present, Olympique de Marseille is 3rd and is aiming for second or even first place in the championship.

He achieved 6 clean sheets in 16 games played, for a 37.5% ratio of games without conceding a goal. Pau López concedes 12 goals in 16 games, for an average of 0.75 goals per game, third best ratio in Ligue 1. Unfortunately, OM’s performance in the Champions League tarnishes the stats of the Spanish goalkeeper.

Pau López, however, remains an excellent goalkeeper in Ligue 1 and a candidate for the title of best goalkeeper in the championship.

Alban Lafont - FC Nantes

Alban Lafont is one of the youngest goalkeepers in Ligue 1, but also one of France’s greatest hopes for the number 1 position. At only 23 years old, he has already been called up to the France team, where he is a credible candidate to take the place of Hugo Lloris. Indisputable holder with FC Nantes, Alban Lafont currently plays in a mid-table team in a fairly difficult season for the Nantes people.

However, he remains unquestionably one of the best goalkeepers in the league, and even with an average team, the young goalkeeper has good statistics.

He conceded 23 goals in 18 games played, for a ratio of 1.28 goals per game. A ratio that does not dream, but which is still much higher than other mid-table teams. Besides, he achieves 6 clean sheets in 18 games, for a percentage of 33% of meetings without conceding a single goal.

If we forget the disappointing collective performances of Nantes, Alban Lafont clearly has his place in the top 3 goalkeepers in Ligue 1.

Lucas Chevalier - LOSC

An even younger goalkeeper, Lucas Chevalier is only 21 and is also a credible candidate to guard the France team. The doorman is a starter at LOSC, currently 6th in the standings and candidate for the TOP 5 in Ligue 1 to play in the Europa League.

In 13 games played, the goalkeeper has conceded 12 goals, which allows him to be one of the Ligue 1 goalkeepers with a ratio of less than 1 goal conceded per game (0.92). He also achieves 5 clean sheets in 13 games, for a percentage of 38.5% of games without conceding a single goal.

He has little chance of winning the championship’s best goalkeeper trophy. However, Lucas Chevalier clearly has a promising future, whether in Ligue 1 or elsewhere.

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