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Do you want to improve your ball catch?

We understand you. Playing with a poor quality glove can be dangerous for your game. We protect your cages with a grip that will allow you to ensure your ball catch. No soap, no dumpling: just goals as protected as you.

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Présentation de BKeeper

Tous les gants de gardien BK disponibles sur notre boutique du gardien

Découvrez notre collection de gants de gardien

BKeeper en détails

The new French brand of goalkeeper gloves BKeeper was designed by goalkeepers still active in the national championships.

We have two wishes in mind, first of all, that of making quality gloves with all the latest technologies and high-end materials (Latico German contact foam, elastic bandage, anti-slip gel and much more ...) to offer the best gloves possible for all goalkeepers.

Then we wanted to offer quality gloves at an affordable price for all amateur goalkeepers because we as goalkeepers know full well that the purchase of pairs of gloves is a significant budget. After working on these two wishes, we are pleased to launch our BKeeper collection: all of our goalkeeper gloves are of high-end quality at less than € 54.90, just incredible!

Whether you are amateur or professional goalkeepers, at BKeeper no difference is made: junior, adult, amateur, professional, you will all have the same quality gloves.

Many professional goalkeepers, former professional goalkeepers, or even professional club goalkeeper coaches (Ligue 1) such as Simon Lugier (Boulogne Sur Mer), Olivier Lagarde (FC Lorient) or Stépéhane Porato (Former Monaco goalkeeper or OM) have tested and adopted our BKeeper gloves. We are also supported by many football clubs such as Dc Carhaix, Grand Calais Pascal, Deauville, and many others who have chosen to equip their goalkeepers.

Find in our storekeeper, our entire BKeeper collection for children and adults.